From our Family to Yours

Rustic Miner Seasonings was created for family and friends. Our
Original Seasoning started it all when we mixed large batches for family
gatherings…. word got out and people kept asking, so we created a
seasoning line. We care what’s in it….and what’s NOT in it….that’s why
we don’t use fillers! Fillers are a cheap way to fill a bottle with things
that are NOT seasonings. We have minimal to NO SUGAR in our
seasonings and any salt used in our recipes is NATURAL sea salt. All of
our seasonings are GLUTEN FREE. We use the highest quality spices we
can find and purchase them from a family run business in the good ol’
USA. We mix our seasonings with care in small batches. We do not
skimp on quality so you get more flavor for your money! We made
Rustic Miner Seasonings to be great for our own family, and now we
want to share it with yours!